Balancing Act

Proverbs 11:1  “A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight.”

Sometimes as a mom we tend to take on more than we can handle. Life can feel more like a juggling act in a circus. Sometimes we try to do to much. We try to cram to much into our schedule. We think we got it all under control, until it all comes tumbling down.

When people ask, “how do you do it all?”  I let them know that I don’t. I am just one person.  I can not do it all!  I have only 24 hours in a day just like everyone else.  I do not have some secret formula that gives me super powers to accomplish the impossible.

We all need balance. Without balance you would constantly fall over. That is why it is so important to not have a false balance. We constantly need to be evaluating what occupies our time, what is not needed in our daily schedules, and what needs to go. We really need to pray and ask God to show us the right balance he has for us.

Juggling is not balancing. I do not like feeling like I am juggling. When I feel this way it is usually because I tried to take on to much. I gave myself a false balance, and find that I did not have any balance at all.  That is when I loose patience and find everything in a mess.

A big mistake we make as moms is comparing ourselves to other moms.  We all have different strengths and different weaknesses.  The perfect balance God has for me probably will not be the right balance for you. We need to stop comparing and just start praying. We need to seek God and ask him to give us the wisdom, grace, and balance we need for today.

-Pamela Henry




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