For His Glory

My preacher preached a message Sunday night that hit home to me. Our service should be for Christ . He is the one we should be serving.

As a mother I look at the laundry, dishes, toys, and I do not see it as Serving Christ. I see it as household duties that has to be done. Sometimes I have a good attitude about it and other times I feel like it is a never ending bad cycle.  One minute you have the house spotless and then five minutes later it looks like you never cleaned it. It can get a little frustrating at times.

As the preacher was preaching God was working on my attitude.  He asked me why was I doing what I was doing.  Was I doing it for Him? Did I loose focus of His Will for my life?  God was asking me if I was serving Him with my actions or was I just doing house work, raising children, and doing school work?

I have to say I have lost focus. I thought I was doing it all for His glory, but truth is I lost focus. I needed to change my attitude and my outlook.  I needed to get my heart back to focusing on Him.

Each dish I prepare, each piece of clothing I fold, each lesson I teach needs to be done as a service to Christ. Yes, I do it out of love for my family, but most important of all I should do it out of love for my Savior.

So I pray and ask the Lord for more of a servants heart. I pray that I do all things through His strength and for His glory.