It’s Monday Morning

I am drinking coffee. The house is quiet. Not because I sent all the children away on a school bus, but because they are asleep. In the quietness I got to  pray for some church members at our church that need prayer at this time.  I got to think and reflect on the day ahead of me. I really do enjoy this quiet time in the morning.

I do not know about you but Sundays are kind of crazy at my house. Sundays are not peaceful and quiet at all.  Monday is kind of a recovery day from the weekend and Sundays, well for everyone but my husband. He has to go to work.  So this morning I will let the kiddos sleep in and we will do school and tackle cleaning the main living area together.

This weekend was busy and wonderful. I got to go to a women’s conference with my church. The theme was Apple Red Happiness. It was all about choosing happiness, and joy. Even through times that are not so happy, Choose Happiness!!!!  So, now it is Monday Morning, time to put those lessons to the test!!!!  Will I choose joy even when things get a little crazy, and they will at some point today? Will I choose joy when the 2 year old starts to cry, and the five year old needs me, and I just really have to go to the bathroom?   Will I choose joy when my children are not being obedient? Will I choose joy when I am trying to accomplish a task but have to stop to help one of my children? Will I choose joy when the children are dragging their feet and really don’t want to finish their school work for the day? My prayer is that today I will choose joy and I will choose to be happy, no matter what comes up in my day.  I pray that I do not let circumstances predict if I will be happy or not.

My joy, my strength, my endurance, my peace, my encouragement, and my ability to have happiness through any circumstances comes from the Lord. Does that mean I will not have moments of sadness? No, it does not mean that. It means God will hold me and carry me through those moments of sadness. Does it mean everything is always quiet and peaceful at my house? No, it is certainly not quiet after my kiddos get up and not always peaceful when they are fighting amongst each other. But I can point them to Christ the source of peace even when life is stormy. Am I always strong and able to endure everything in life? No, I have to lean on God, I also lean on my husband and friends. I am able to push ahead because I know that God knows what is ahead. Am I always happy about everything that happens? No, I cry about lots of things that has happened in my life. Some circumstance are not always happy ones. Allowing God to take the broken pieces of my heart. Allowing Him to do a work in my heart. That is how I am able to find joy and happiness in the storms of life.

So It is Monday. Let’s choose happiness.

-Pamela Henry


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