Celebrating Earth Day

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Do you celebrate Earth Day?  How do you celebrate? Do you do a special art project?  Do you plant a tree?  Do you do some special project?   Well at the Henry House we take a week to celebrate the Creator and His creation.

When my oldest three children were little they wanted to celebrate Earth Day.  So I took out the Bible and read Genesis chapter one.  My children drew a cute little picture and we had a special snack.  Throughout the day I called it Creation Day.  That night I was sad that we only took one day to read and celebrate God’s creation.  I realized that I wanted to take a week to Celebrate. So I came up with Creation week.

Day 1:  And God said let there be light

I. What is light?  Light is energy moving through space from its source to an object, and then from that object to your eye.

II. How fast doe light travel?  Light travels faster than anything else that scientists can measure, approximately 186,000 miles a second through space.

III. Can light pass through it? A:  Transparent materials.  If an object is transparent it allows light to pass straight through it.     B: Opaque materials. An opaque object does not allow light to pass through.     C: Translucent materials.  Translucent materials allow light to pass through but diffuses or scatters the light.


We still do a fun art project.  My children like to google and do their own little study on light.  You can do your own little experiment with a flash light.  You can name all the light sources in your home, natural and manmade.  Have fun remember this is a celebration of God’s creation of light.

Tomorrow I will post Day 2 of God’s creation.

-Pamela Henry


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