Resolutions (Part 1)

Resolution: (noun) Determination

Resolve: decide firmly on a course of action

What course of action am I going to take to reach my goals?  Am I going to have enough determination to accomplish and complete my goals?

New Year comes with new goals.  We all see a blank slate, an empty page, a fresh start.  We make our New Year’s resolution with hope that this year we will see them through.  Sadly most people give up before January is even over.   So do we just not set any goals?  Do we just not make any plans for the New Year?  Do we not even start a course of action just to avoid failure? No!!! You get some determination.  You get a plan.  You have a course of action set in place.  You determine that no matter what obstacles comes your way you are going to face them head on.  Believe me there will be obstacles, there will be challenges, and there will be times you want to quit. Don’t quit!!!!

You want to be one of the few that accomplish what they started.  You want to set goals and see them through.  You want to finish what you started.  We all do!  No one sets out to fail.  No one starts something just to give up.  Everyone wants to end 2018 with a sense of accomplishment.  You have to have determination and resolve.  You have to have a plan, a course of action.


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