Called to Cultivate

Cultivate: to nurture and help grow

As a parent I am called to cultivate.  I am called to nurture, love, and help to my children grow.

I want to cultivate a love for God and godliness in the heart of my children.  I want them to see a love for God in me.  I want them to grow closer to God each day.  I want to help them grow in their own walk with God.

I want to cultivate a love for learning.  I have to admit this is hard.  School is not always fun.  Sometimes they have to do assignments that are not fun and is hard.  I still want them to love learning.  That is why I let them pick out books to read and subjects to learn about.  I want them to seek wisdom and knowledge.  I want them to never stop learning.

I want to cultivate a love for reading.  I am a bookworm and I love reading.  I read anywhere from sixty to seventy books a year.  I always try to encourage my children to read for fun.  I want them to find the joy of finding a good book.

I want to cultivate a love and kindness for others.  I want my children to love others.  I want them to treat others with kindness.  I try to teach them the importance of being kind.  I want to them to show the love of God to others.  I want others to see Christ in them.

I want to cultivate a heart for service.  I do not know what God has planned for their future. I do know that I want them to follow God’s will for their lives.  I want them to have a heart for others.  I want them to help others in need.

I am constantly having to cultivate these things in my own heart and life.  I need to always be growing.

-Pamela Henry


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