Declutter and Organization Challenge

First step to organizing a space is decluttering. I know how hard it is to get rid of stuff, but if you want to be organized you have to declutter. You can spend hours organizing but if you have to much stuff it will become a disorganized mess again.

I like having a keep box. A donation box and a trash bag when I go into any space I am trying to get organized.

Today I am starting with my closet.

This is the before picture

Donation pile and trash bag

Keep pile and papers to go through

Finished product.

Donation pile 1.

Closet 1 done.

  1. Go through your clothes and shoes.  Toss anything that is torn or just to worn out.  Also go through any shelves or boxes and toss anything that is trash.
  2. Like I said before have a place to put all donation items.  Good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in over a year it is time to consider donating it.
  3. Remember organizing can be cheap and simple.  I actually use baby wipe containers, spaghetti jars, boxes, and dishpans to help me organize my closet.

-Pamela Henry

P.S. Please leave comments in the comment section.  Let me know if I need to add anything in this series, and thank you for decluttering and organizing with me.

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