5 Myths about Organization and Decluttering

Here are five myths about organization:

1. It is to expensive. Yes, organizational tools can get expensive. I like to think outside the box and up cycle items I have around the house. I also use items for different purposes.

Tip: These are dishwashing pans from Walmart. I use them to organize toys and school books. They are less than a dollar each.

2. I will not have to purge and declutter if I get organized. Purging can be hard, but it is necessary to have a organized and tidy home. Tips on purging. If you haven’t used it in over a year get rid of it….

3. I am going to wait till I can have a yard sale to get rid of clothes and toys. I am all for yard sales and I think it can be a great idea, but Sometimes you might not have enough stuff for a yard sale. Also sometimes when you put stuff aside for a yard sale they magically end up back in the house. Tip: Have a donation box, a keep box, a trash bag, and a future yard sale box to put items in when you are going through items in your home.

4. I think my donation box is safe in the garage or shed. Nope, your donation box is never safe from your families hands. They will slowly bring in everything. Tip: Get your donation items in your car and at the donation center as quickly as possible.

5. If I declutter and organize I won’t have to clean every day. Here is the thing, organization is just a tool. When your home gets messy organization helps you pick up and put things away quicker. Decluttering helps you get rid of things and have less to clean up. Tips: make homes for everything in your home and make it easily accessible. Keep it simple! I have a saying at my house,” Everything has a home and everything gets put back in its home.”

“Every thing has s place and everything in its place.” Hope everyone has a organized new year…


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