Looking Back

In January it will be 38 years since I asked Jesus to be my Savior.

Looking back over the years I see my Savior’s mercy and grace in my life. I see the times He has picked me up. I see the the times when He carried me through. I see the times when He sustained me. I see the times that He chastised me. I see the times that He made me wait on His timing. I see the miracles that He performed in my heart and life. I see the times when He answered my prayers even before I knew there was a need. I see the times when He gave me strength when I had absolutely no strength.

Looking Back I can see how God guided my steps through every season of my life. How He would lovingly nudge me back to the right direction when I took a wrong step. Looking back fills my heart with gratitude for the Savior’s hand that continually works in my heart and life. I am thankful that for the last 37 1/2 years I have never been alone, I have always had my Jesus with me.


Back To Basics

Have you ever wondered what God’s Will for your life is? Have you ever wondered about the direction of the path you are on? Have you ever questioned God about the doors He closes? Have you ever wondered about what to do if God’s Will seems unclear at the time?

When I am not sure of God’s direction, and I just don’t seem to know what the next step is. I always go back to the basics. You might ask , “what does that mean?” It means I turn to the Word of God and go back over what His basic Will is for each of us.

First: He is not willing that any should perish, but all should come to repentance. God’s Will is that we would accept His gift of Salvation.

Second: He wants a relationship with us. He wants us to spend time with Him in His Word and in prayer. He wants us to draw nigh to Him. He wants us to turn to Him. He wants to have a deep relationship with each and everyone of us.

Third: He wants us to Live for Him. He wants us to show others the Love of Christ. He wants us to tell others about the Love of Christ. He wants us to live in such a way that draws others to Him. He wants us to honor and glorify Him with our everyday lives.

Lastly: He wants us to just trust Him. He wants us to simply put our faith in Him and obey Him. He wants us to put our lives in His Hands. He wants us to take each step forward in faith. He wants us to trust Him enough to follow Him. The Bible says His word is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path. He doesn’t light up the whole path, He just leads us with His Light to our next step. He wants us to follow Him one step at a time. Where He leads he wants us to follow in obedience and faith.

So next time you feel like you don’t know what direction to go. When you just don’t know what to do. Just go back to the basics, and wait on Him.

-Pamela Henry