Unexpected Journey


When I started out on this journey with my husband I did not picture the journey that we are on now.  I had a completely different journey or path painted in my mind.   I pictured a house full of children, but I never pictured a child with special needs.  That was a path I did not foresee.

Five and a half years ago,  Aaron was 2 1/2 years old,  He started to regress.  He stopped talking.  He stop building with the blocks and Legos.  He stopped drawing and coloring.  He stopped hitting his baseball off of the tee.   He stopped pretending.  He was regressing more and more each day.  We didn’t really know what was going on.  Aaron was our 4th child and this was the first time this had happened.  At first the doctor thought the behavior was because we had a new baby.  As time went on we thought maybe it was his hearing.  After we had his hearing tested we found that was not the problem.  We still had a lot of unanswered questions.  Finally when Aaron was five and a half years old we got a diagnosis.  Our son was moderately severe autistic.

So this journey that we are on is not one we choose but God has chosen for us.  I am so thankful for all of my children.  I love each one for who they are.  I also love Aaron for who he is.  I have learned a lot on this journey.  I have learned a lot about myself and others.  I have learned how love needs no words.  I have learned how my son communicates.  Well most of the time, there are still times we both get frustrated because I just don’t understand what he needs or wants.  I have learned to let go and let God lead me on this path that He has placed me on.

Lastly, I am thankful for this unexpected journey.  It is not one I would have chosen, but I am grateful for the son God has given me.  I am thankful for the memories of Aaron when he was talking, pretending, playing, building, and coloring.  I am thankful for the Aaron that I have today.  I am thankful for the joy that he has brought to my life from the first time the  doctor  placed him in my arms. So if you find yourself on an unexpected journey just put your trust in the one that guides your footsteps.  Trust that He loves you and is with you on each step of your unexpected journey.

~Pamela Henry