Keeping it clean

I tell my children  often, “Little messes are easier to clean than big messes.”

It is much easier to keep a clean house by cleaning as you go than it is to clean a dirty house. By that I mean it is easier to pick up things and put them away after using them. Pickup and put away toys after playing before you take something else out. Put clothes in hamper instead of on the floor. Put kitchen appliances away after using them. Tidying the kitchen as you cook and prepare a meal. I know it isn’t always possible to do, but it is a great habit to make. It will also cut down on cleaning. 

One of the things I like to do with my kiddos is the five minute cleanup. You do this several times throughout the day and it helps keep the house cleaner. It helps for everyone to have a certain area of responsibility, that way no one is trying to do the same area at the same time.  I like to do a five minute cleanup once in the morning, around noon, and in the middle of the afternoon.  If you are home alone you can do a five minute cleanup in different areas at different times of the day. 

One of the things I try to do every night is make sure I clean my kitchen.  It doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be clean.  Naomi’s responsibilities is loading and unloading the dishwasher, sweeping, and cleaning off the table.   I clean the countertops and the stove.  Sometimes Brian will sweep for Naomi while she loads the dishwasher.  I personally love waking up to a clean kitchen.  I try to remember to have the coffee pot set to make coffee in the morning, I am going to get better at that this year. 

After supper and before getting ready for bed I like to have everyone straighten up their area of responsibility.  That way in the morning we can start our day off on a good note.  Sometimes we don’t get to cleanup before bedtime and it always throws off our day. 

I will breakdown our area of responsibility in my next post.  Well, I hope everyone is having a great year so far. Thank you for stopping by…..



5 Myths about Organization and Decluttering

Here are five myths about organization:

1. It is to expensive. Yes, organizational tools can get expensive. I like to think outside the box and up cycle items I have around the house. I also use items for different purposes.

Tip: These are dishwashing pans from Walmart. I use them to organize toys and school books. They are less than a dollar each.

2. I will not have to purge and declutter if I get organized. Purging can be hard, but it is necessary to have a organized and tidy home. Tips on purging. If you haven’t used it in over a year get rid of it….

3. I am going to wait till I can have a yard sale to get rid of clothes and toys. I am all for yard sales and I think it can be a great idea, but Sometimes you might not have enough stuff for a yard sale. Also sometimes when you put stuff aside for a yard sale they magically end up back in the house. Tip: Have a donation box, a keep box, a trash bag, and a future yard sale box to put items in when you are going through items in your home.

4. I think my donation box is safe in the garage or shed. Nope, your donation box is never safe from your families hands. They will slowly bring in everything. Tip: Get your donation items in your car and at the donation center as quickly as possible.

5. If I declutter and organize I won’t have to clean every day. Here is the thing, organization is just a tool. When your home gets messy organization helps you pick up and put things away quicker. Decluttering helps you get rid of things and have less to clean up. Tips: make homes for everything in your home and make it easily accessible. Keep it simple! I have a saying at my house,” Everything has a home and everything gets put back in its home.”

“Every thing has s place and everything in its place.” Hope everyone has a organized new year…


Day 9 Decluttering and Organizing Challenge

Master Bedroom

1. Make sure you have a bin or basket for your donation and keep pile.

2. Have a trash bag and recycling bag with you.

3. I like to start with the dressers. One drawer at a time. I don’t like getting overwhelmed.

4. I like to get the top of the dresser next.

5. I like to get under the bed next.

6. Lastly the nightstands.

Dresser Drawers Done

donation bags ready to go

Thank you everyone for doing this project with me…

-Pamela Henry

Day 5 Declutter and Organizing Challenge


Storage closet. This is the last closet in my home. It is our junk closet at times. I try to keep it organized but it still gets messy.


Once again I start at the bottom and work my way up. I do one shelf at a time. I put everything in my keep, donate, or trash pile.

I take my keep pile and start organizing my shelves. Then put the other things in their proper places around the house.  My donation pile keeps growing with each and every closet and I am going to be dropping it off at the Good Will tomorrow.


I am so glad to be done with closet spaces.  I am pleased with the results and love having the closets organized.  Looking forward to doing more decluttering and organizing next week. Hope you join me.

-Pamela Henry

Day 4 Decluttering and Organizing Challenge

Today I am tackling the linen closet.

I just did a big donation of sheets and blankets last year. So I only have a few items for donation out of the linen closet.

Also if you have old towels or one with holes you can cut them into kitchen rags. That is a good way to up cycle and save money.


donation pile


So glad I am almost done with closets. Tomorrow I have one tiny storage closet to declutter and organize.

-Pamela Henry

Day 3 of Decluttering and Organizing Challenge

Today we are tacking the boys’ closet.

img_4810img_4816All these clothes were in the wrong spot!

So, I got my donation pile going. Had to get a dirty clothes bag for this project. Then put the to small clothes and shoes in the keep pile.

Remember to have a box or bin for the keep and donation pile.

Donation box

Once again I start at the bottom and work my way up. Starting with clothes and shoes. I also try to get all the torn, stained, and to small clothes out of the closet space. This isn’t a fun task but a necessary one.

Next I tackle the toys and games. Just go through and trash any broken toys. You can trash or donate games with missing pieces. I like to donate games they no longer play or outgrew. Toys that will be passed down can be put into the keep pile.

I always declutter, then clean, then organize the space.

img_4823I just want to thank you for doing this challenge with me……

-Pamela Henry

Day 2: Decluttering and Organization Challenge

We are tackling the Girls closet!


Yes, it is a mess! Yes, it needs a lot of work!

1. Get your keep box, donation box, and trash bag ready.

2. Jump in and start. I like to start at the bottom and work my way up.

3. Declutter first! Then organize.

I like to start with the shoes. Go through and see what is to small or torn. Toss the torn up shoes.  If you are saving shoes for a younger sibling put in the keep pile and put in proper bin later.  If you are donating go ahead and put in donation box.

Second, go through toys and stuff animals.  Broken toys get tossed.  If it is a toy being handed down to younger sibling then put in the keep pile. Same thing with stuff animals.

If you haven’t gone through their hanging clothes yet.  This would be a good time to go through and take down clothes that are to small.    If keeping clothing for a younger sibling put into the keep pile to put in proper bin later.  If donating then go ahead and put into the donation box.

After I get the bottom done and the hanging clothes done. I like to tackle the top shelves.  Again go through things and donate, trash, or put in keep pile.

Lastly I try to get the donation box out of the house into the garage or storage area. I try to get it ready to get out of the house by the weekend.  I take the keep pile and try to get everything put into its proper place. Putting toys away in their proper home, shoes in their proper home or bin, putting clothes into their proper bin.  Also get that trash bag to the trash.


Finished product

I started with the closets because they can become the catch all in our space. I know that the closet spaces in my home can get pretty bad, especially in the children’s rooms.  I just love a clean closet space. It makes my mom heart happy.

-Pamela Henry

P.S. Thank you for joining me.  Please like, comment, and share.

Declutter and Organization Challenge

First step to organizing a space is decluttering. I know how hard it is to get rid of stuff, but if you want to be organized you have to declutter. You can spend hours organizing but if you have to much stuff it will become a disorganized mess again.

I like having a keep box. A donation box and a trash bag when I go into any space I am trying to get organized.

Today I am starting with my closet.

This is the before picture

Donation pile and trash bag

Keep pile and papers to go through

Finished product.

Donation pile 1.

Closet 1 done.

  1. Go through your clothes and shoes.  Toss anything that is torn or just to worn out.  Also go through any shelves or boxes and toss anything that is trash.
  2. Like I said before have a place to put all donation items.  Good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in over a year it is time to consider donating it.
  3. Remember organizing can be cheap and simple.  I actually use baby wipe containers, spaghetti jars, boxes, and dishpans to help me organize my closet.

-Pamela Henry

P.S. Please leave comments in the comment section.  Let me know if I need to add anything in this series, and thank you for decluttering and organizing with me.

Seasonal Clothing

It is that time of year again. Time to take out, sort through, fold, and hang up our Fall and Winter clothes!  Which means time to go through and put away our Spring and Summer clothes.

We have six bags full of light jackets and winter coats. Ones that are to small or to big for anyone to use at this time gets put back in a storage box.  Same with the long sleeve shirts and sweaters.

I also make sure everyone has what they need in the correct sizes. Which requires taking out the storage bins. Packing up the sizes that are getting to small and taking out the correct sizes.  If my oldest two need  something we make a list and go shopping. (My oldest is a boy, my second oldest is a girl.)

I have not posted anything lately because I have been drowning in Laundry!!!! Yes, it has to get done. A seasonal chore that can not be skipped over.