The Path Less Traveled

wood-nature-dark-forestSometimes in life you find your self on a different path from everyone else.  It is a path that can be scary, dark, and lonely.  It is a path that only a few have trod.  It is a path less traveled.

There is always beauty to find along the path.  You will discover beauty that others do not have the privilege to see.  This less traveled path is full of wonder and only a few get to pass through.

There are lessons to learn.   God gives His Wisdom to us when we ask Him for it.  There is wisdom that comes with this path, but only if we seek it.

There is the strengthening of our faith.  I like to think of it as a path of faith.  With each step forward I rely on Christ to lead me to my next step.   I ask Him to guide my steps.  I ask Him to light my path.  It takes faith to travel on a path that few have traveled.   It sometimes feels like an uncharted territory.  Oh but I know my Christ knows this path, and I know it isn’t uncharted to Him.

There is joy on this path.  A joy that comes from our journey along this path.  Oh the joy that comes from the beauty we find.  Joy from lessons we learn.  Joy from the people we traveled with on this path.  Joy from the strength we obtain from this path.  Joy from the Lord as we travel our path.

So next time you find yourself on an off beaten path; just remember to try to find the beauty, lessons, faith, and joy in the journey.

-Pamela Henry




When people think of disability they think broken, not working properly, and not able to do something.

So here is the thing.  I have a son with many disabilities and I have never thought of him as disabled.   Last year someone sent me a link on Face Book about Disability Awareness Month.  I read it and I turned around and asked my husband, “Does Aaron have a Disability ?”  My husband just looked wide eyed at me  and responded with a yes.  He was shocked that I even asked.

I never really thought of my son as having disabilities.  I know that sounds naïve. He is nonverbal and there is lots of things he can not do.  When I start listing the things that he can do, most people don’t think it is a lot.  Some people might say that his accomplishments are small.  Oh but I don’t listen to most people.  I think He is pretty amazing.  His smile and his laughter is contagious.  He lights up my day when he comes and snuggles with me.   He has taught me so much about love.  He has taught me how to communicate better.   He loves life and even though his life has many challenges he is almost always happy.  His life is simple and I love that about him.  What if we all had the ability to live a simple, happy life and love life?!

So don’t feel sorry for my son or other people with disabilities.  Just pray.   Pray for grace, acceptance, and love for all children  and adults with disabilities.  Pray for their families and pray for the challenges they may face.  Look at them through a different lens, see them for who they are and not their disability.

-Pamela Henry

Chore Charts


I have decluttered and organized every room in the house.  Now I want to keep it clean and organized.  I had a chore chart and I really tried to stay on top of it.  A few days ago I read a blog post about chore apps.  So I decided to go and find one that fit my family.  I have children ranging in age from thirteen to three.  So I needed something that would work with every child.  I also didn’t want to pay a lot.  I decided to try ChoreMonster .  ChoreMonster and Mothership work together.  Mothership lets you customize your child’s chores and rewards.  Landra also works  with Mothership, Landra is for teens only.

These apps track points for you.  It replaced the chore chart completely.  Everyone has done their chores and has done extra work for extra points.  Big win for MOM!  So if you are looking for something  to replace that chore chart check it out! Best part is it is FREE!  Yes it is free!  Got to love that!!!

If you already use a chore app that you love please share your thoughts about it in the comments.   If you decide to try these apps let me know how it works out for you.

Thank you for stopping by.

-Pamela Henry

Organizing tools

It doesn’t cost anything to declutter. Some people like to sale the items and some people like to donate them. Either way it feels good to declutter your space.

Here are a few things I like to use for organizing. Old baby wipe boxes, spaghetti jars, pickle jars, and dishpans.

These are pictures of how I use them in the bathroom. .


I will get to decluttering the bathroom in a few weeks…..Just wanted to show you some cheap and practical ways to use what you have to organize your space. Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here I use the dishpans to organize the children’s toys.

I got these dishpans from Walmart for $.96 each. I love using them to organize all of my spaces.

I will be sharing more ideas as we go along.

-Pamela Henry


Word of The Year

Drumroll please…….

The Family’s word of the year is…

  1. Focus on the Lord
  2. Focus on our Walk with God
  3. Focus on doing our best
  4. Focus on being kind
  5. Focus on how we spend our time
  6. Focus on being forgiving

There are so many aspects of life we need to refocus on, to zoom in on. Things we need to stop focusing on and put our focus elsewhere.  2018 I want the Henry Clan to zoom in and put their focus on the Lord.  I don’t want us to focus on the chaos around us but to keep our eyes on the Lord.  I want to keep following Him in 2018

-Pamela Henry

Called to Cultivate

Cultivate: to nurture and help grow

As a parent I am called to cultivate.  I am called to nurture, love, and help to my children grow.

I want to cultivate a love for God and godliness in the heart of my children.  I want them to see a love for God in me.  I want them to grow closer to God each day.  I want to help them grow in their own walk with God.

I want to cultivate a love for learning.  I have to admit this is hard.  School is not always fun.  Sometimes they have to do assignments that are not fun and is hard.  I still want them to love learning.  That is why I let them pick out books to read and subjects to learn about.  I want them to seek wisdom and knowledge.  I want them to never stop learning.

I want to cultivate a love for reading.  I am a bookworm and I love reading.  I read anywhere from sixty to seventy books a year.  I always try to encourage my children to read for fun.  I want them to find the joy of finding a good book.

I want to cultivate a love and kindness for others.  I want my children to love others.  I want them to treat others with kindness.  I try to teach them the importance of being kind.  I want to them to show the love of God to others.  I want others to see Christ in them.

I want to cultivate a heart for service.  I do not know what God has planned for their future. I do know that I want them to follow God’s will for their lives.  I want them to have a heart for others.  I want them to help others in need.

I am constantly having to cultivate these things in my own heart and life.  I need to always be growing.

-Pamela Henry

Resolutions (Part 3)

This year I am going to start off with some short term goals.

  1. Write more blog post.
  2. Do more with my YouTube channel.
  3. Get over my fear of putting myself out there on YouTube.
  4. Get more organized in my homeschool.
  5. Get the garage back to where we can park in it.

Yes I do have other goals I want to accomplish.  Some of them are daily goals.

  1. Do not go to bed with a dirty kitchen.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Get everyone out of the house for a walk, including Callie our dog.
  4. Read my Bible every morning.

I do have some more goals that I want to accomplish but I am going to start off small.  I want to have my goals become my good habits.  I want to add to my goals as I see my other goals being accomplished.

Please share your goals in the comment section. I would love to hear everyone’s goals for 2018….

~Pamela Henry