Celebrating Earth Day

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Do you celebrate Earth Day?  How do you celebrate? Do you do a special art project?  Do you plant a tree?  Do you do some special project?   Well at the Henry House we take a week to celebrate the Creator and His creation.

When my oldest three children were little they wanted to celebrate Earth Day.  So I took out the Bible and read Genesis chapter one.  My children drew a cute little picture and we had a special snack.  Throughout the day I called it Creation Day.  That night I was sad that we only took one day to read and celebrate God’s creation.  I realized that I wanted to take a week to Celebrate. So I came up with Creation week.

Day 1:  And God said let there be light

I. What is light?  Light is energy moving through space from its source to an object, and then from that object to your eye.

II. How fast doe light travel?  Light travels faster than anything else that scientists can measure, approximately 186,000 miles a second through space.

III. Can light pass through it? A:  Transparent materials.  If an object is transparent it allows light to pass straight through it.     B: Opaque materials. An opaque object does not allow light to pass through.     C: Translucent materials.  Translucent materials allow light to pass through but diffuses or scatters the light.


We still do a fun art project.  My children like to google and do their own little study on light.  You can do your own little experiment with a flash light.  You can name all the light sources in your home, natural and manmade.  Have fun remember this is a celebration of God’s creation of light.

Tomorrow I will post Day 2 of God’s creation.

-Pamela Henry



My blog

It is a new year. I made it through the holidays and we are back to the daily tasks. I have not posted in awhile.  I was trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go with my blog.  Hmmmmm, I still don’t really know.

Here is the thing. I have six children.  One is about to enter his teen years.  I have two daughters that are basically preteens.  One that I am pretty sure is gifted, and along with that she has her own set of challenges. I have a nonverbal, autistic son that is seven.  I have a five year old and a two year old.  So many different stages and so many different personalities we have at our table.

I am also a teacher. No, I do not work at a school.  I homeschool my children.  This is an incredible responsibility.  I do not take my job lightly.

Along with being a mother, I am a wife.  I love my husband.  He is awesome.  I love the fact that he is such a great dad, and that we work together as a team.  He is the one that kept on encouraging me to start a blog.

So how do I choose what to write about?  Do I choose one avenue to write about?  Do I continue to write about my house hold and the lessons I learn along the way?   So, I got stuck.  I really didn’t know what direction to go.  Now, I know that I will continue to write about it all.  I hope you join me at our table and enjoy the Table for 8.

-Pamela Henry

I’m Thankful For: Day 1

I am thankful for my Salvation.

I am thankful Jesus left his throne in heaven to come and be born in a manger.  I am thankful that He lived a perfect life without sin.  I am thankful that He died for me.  I am thankful for His gift of Salvation.  I am thankful for His Mercy and His Grace.  I never deserved His mercy or His grace.  I do not deserve a home in heaven.  Salvation is not about what I deserve, but what Jesus has done for me.

So, today I am thankful for what Jesus did on the cross.  I am thankful for His Salvation.

-Pamela Henry


The Thankful Jar

We all want our children to be thankful and grateful for what they have.  We all want to teach thankfulness to our children.  It makes our hearts happy when we see our children with a thankful spirit.

Find a jar and cut strips of paper for everyone to write on.  Make sure you cut enough strips for everyday leading up to Thanksgiving, and cut enough for each person to have a piece of paper each day.   Have everyone write what they are thankful for.  On Thanksgiving you can read them out loud.  This is so much fun, and you will love everyone’s responses.

From the Henry Home to yours I wish everyone a spirit of thankfulness leading up to Thanksgiving.

-Pamela Henry


Before I’m 40

As life changes some of our goals change too. Some goals stay the same, some goals are no longer applicable to our life, some goals are on going, and some we can scratch off our list because we accomplished what we set out to do.

We all have goals and we all need goals. So, as another chapter and another decade is about to close in my life, I have really wanted to evaluate, to really think about what I want before this chapter closes. I also wanted to set some goals, develop some good and healthy habits, and get ready for the next chapter of my life.

So the next 5 months I really want to work on me. I want to work on my attitude. I want to work on my heart and my spiritual needs. I want to make sure I am healthy. I want to make sure I am keeping my mind sharp and healthy.  I have a few goals, some habits I want to make stronger , and some habits I want to implement in my life.

  1. I want to restart a prayer journal.
  2. I want to start scripture writing.
  3. I want to add more water to how much I already drink.
  4. I want to restart my exercise routine, I kind of got off track with this move.
  5. I want to restart reading aloud to my children.
  6. I want to read more books.
  7. I want to go out on more dates with my husband.

These are the first of my goals, the things I want to become a habit, a part of my routine.  I always want to be working on myself, to be a better wife, mother, relative, friend, Christian, and just a better person.

So, what are some of your goals? What good habits do you want to establish? What are some habits you want to let go of? I would love to hear them……

-Pamela Henry


It’s Monday Morning

I am drinking coffee. The house is quiet. Not because I sent all the children away on a school bus, but because they are asleep. In the quietness I got to  pray for some church members at our church that need prayer at this time.  I got to think and reflect on the day ahead of me. I really do enjoy this quiet time in the morning.

I do not know about you but Sundays are kind of crazy at my house. Sundays are not peaceful and quiet at all.  Monday is kind of a recovery day from the weekend and Sundays, well for everyone but my husband. He has to go to work.  So this morning I will let the kiddos sleep in and we will do school and tackle cleaning the main living area together.

This weekend was busy and wonderful. I got to go to a women’s conference with my church. The theme was Apple Red Happiness. It was all about choosing happiness, and joy. Even through times that are not so happy, Choose Happiness!!!!  So, now it is Monday Morning, time to put those lessons to the test!!!!  Will I choose joy even when things get a little crazy, and they will at some point today? Will I choose joy when the 2 year old starts to cry, and the five year old needs me, and I just really have to go to the bathroom?   Will I choose joy when my children are not being obedient? Will I choose joy when I am trying to accomplish a task but have to stop to help one of my children? Will I choose joy when the children are dragging their feet and really don’t want to finish their school work for the day? My prayer is that today I will choose joy and I will choose to be happy, no matter what comes up in my day.  I pray that I do not let circumstances predict if I will be happy or not.

My joy, my strength, my endurance, my peace, my encouragement, and my ability to have happiness through any circumstances comes from the Lord. Does that mean I will not have moments of sadness? No, it does not mean that. It means God will hold me and carry me through those moments of sadness. Does it mean everything is always quiet and peaceful at my house? No, it is certainly not quiet after my kiddos get up and not always peaceful when they are fighting amongst each other. But I can point them to Christ the source of peace even when life is stormy. Am I always strong and able to endure everything in life? No, I have to lean on God, I also lean on my husband and friends. I am able to push ahead because I know that God knows what is ahead. Am I always happy about everything that happens? No, I cry about lots of things that has happened in my life. Some circumstance are not always happy ones. Allowing God to take the broken pieces of my heart. Allowing Him to do a work in my heart. That is how I am able to find joy and happiness in the storms of life.

So It is Monday. Let’s choose happiness.

-Pamela Henry


Life is an unpredictable adventure. It is kind of like a rollercoaster ride. You have highs, you have lows, you have twist, you have turns,  and life can certainly throw you for a loop.

Motherhood was not what I expected. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. It has been an amazing adventure that has brought out the best and the worst in me.

Thirteen years ago in August I found out I was expecting. I was so excited. I was scared. I was thankful. I was happy that God has answered our prayers.  This was the beginning of my journey in Motherhood.  I had no idea of the road that was before me.

Being a mom has changed my whole life. Just the weight of the job is humbling. The child that was growing inside of me had an eternal soul. Each child needs to be pointed to Christ. I need to live my life in such a way that I am not a stumbling block to them. Motherhood, being a mom is more than what I do, it is who I am.  I do not take motherhood lightly, I know what a blessing it is and I know the significance of my role.

You might ask if I have it all together, if I am a great mother? I must confess that I have to apologize to my children often. I fail everyday. I get up the next day and point them to Christ. You see, He never fails. I get back on that horse every morning. I fall and get back on, way to many times to count I might add. I am a sinner and I am not perfect. I have made many mistakes in my journey as a mom. I try to learn from them and I try to grow from them.

Motherhood is an adventure and I have learned so much from my children. All 6 of them are so different.  They make me laugh. They say the funniest things. Children are brutally honest. They look at life through a different lens. Their faith is unshakable. They live life to the fullest every day.  Everyday is an adventure. Their imagination has no end. My children have taught me to embrace each day, and embrace the adventure ahead.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was in love, each and every pregnancy. Each one of my children stole my heart way before I even got to hold them. Through the good times and the bad, through every adventure we take I count my blessings to be their Mother.

-Pamela Henry




Life seems to always seem the same and sometimes it seems as things are always changing. I know this is a complete contradiction, an oxymoron. While some things never change, somethings are always changing. Some changes are so small and steady that you barley notice the change. Some changes come quickly and are so drastic that you can’t miss it at all.

Life at the Henry Home has seen its share of changes, some were great and some where heartbreaking. Some changes were so small that no one really even noticed. In the last 14 years we have lived in 5 different cities. My husband graduated from College. He started working for Sherwin Williams. He has gotten several promotions. We have had six children. My children are growing, slow and steady.  We  lost my mom in an accident. Then we lost my husband’s brother in law in an accident. Several loved ones have passed away in recent years. Last year my mother in law passed away.

In some ways some things have stayed the same. God’s love is never changing, and never ending. God never changes. His Word never changes. It is a constant in our life.  When the world around me seems to not know up from down. When life seems to get crazy and a drastic change comes, I just look to the one that is Higher than I.  I am so thankful that God never changes. I am thankful that He is my anchor, He is my calm during a storm, He is my refuge, He is my Rock, and He is my Salvation.

So as you look around and see the piles of laundry, the dishes that need to get washed, children that need to eat once again, and you can’t see past today remember it won’t always be this way.  So don’t get lost in the mundane.You may think I will be in this season of life forever. You won’t!  Don’t let today slip by. Don’t wish this season of life away.  Don’t let your joy slip away. Don’t think your kids will be little forever. Believe it or not, your children are always growing and changing.  Embrace today. Drink some tea or coffee. Read your Bible. Enjoy a good book. Play with your children. Do something fun with your older children. Tell people you love them.  Embrace the mundaneness of today. Remember that no two days are alike, every day is a new day.

So keep on keeping on. Your work is not in vain. Lean on God who never changes. Embrace the changes with God’s wisdom and grace as they come your way.  Embrace today with love and joy in your heart.

-Pamela Henry



For His Glory

My preacher preached a message Sunday night that hit home to me. Our service should be for Christ . He is the one we should be serving.

As a mother I look at the laundry, dishes, toys, and I do not see it as Serving Christ. I see it as household duties that has to be done. Sometimes I have a good attitude about it and other times I feel like it is a never ending bad cycle.  One minute you have the house spotless and then five minutes later it looks like you never cleaned it. It can get a little frustrating at times.

As the preacher was preaching God was working on my attitude.  He asked me why was I doing what I was doing.  Was I doing it for Him? Did I loose focus of His Will for my life?  God was asking me if I was serving Him with my actions or was I just doing house work, raising children, and doing school work?

I have to say I have lost focus. I thought I was doing it all for His glory, but truth is I lost focus. I needed to change my attitude and my outlook.  I needed to get my heart back to focusing on Him.

Each dish I prepare, each piece of clothing I fold, each lesson I teach needs to be done as a service to Christ. Yes, I do it out of love for my family, but most important of all I should do it out of love for my Savior.

So I pray and ask the Lord for more of a servants heart. I pray that I do all things through His strength and for His glory.