Meet the Henry Clan

August 10, 2002, Brian and I said “I Do”. We became a family that day. We started our lives together and started on this amazing adventure.

I thought for sure I would have a Honeymoon Baby, but I didn’t. It took 11 months for us to get pregnant.  Austin our oldest was born in March of 2004. Before I knew it, I was pregnant with baby #2. Naomi joined the ranks in August of 2005.  Yes, you guessed it, not long after that I got pregnant with baby #3. Abigail joined us March of 2007. I had three babies 3 and under. Well, two years later Aaron joined us in July of 2009. Then came Colt in August of 2011. Last but not least Alana came along in 2014.

Brian, my wonderful husband, is from Rhode Island. Yes, he is a New England everything fan! No, I am not a New Englander. I am actually a Rajun Cajun, southern belle. We met in Mississippi, my husband just got to Mississippi and was a student at Mississippi State University. I lived 45 minutes away from the college. We met and had our first date in March of 2001. As they say the rest is History.  I am so thankful for all the years we have been together.

We lived in Starkville in Campus Family Housing while my husband finished up school. He graduated from MSU in 2006. Right before he graduated he got a job with Sherwin Williams. With his job with Sherwin Williams we got to live in some fun and unique places. Philadelphia, Mississippi, Montgomery, Alabama, (we actually lived in Millbrook, AL) Corinth, Mississippi, and now Mobile, Alabama.

Looking forward to all the adventures God has in store for us.