Just One Word


Ladies pull up a seat and let us talk about laundry….

No, I have not discovered the magic portal at the back of the dryer that steals socks.  I have not invented a machine that will fold our clothes for us.  I am not here to tell you some amazing secret that will solve all your laundry problems.

So, why am I bringing up this ugly subject? Well ladies, we all have laundry.  If you have living people in your home, you have laundry. It is something we all have to deal with, unless you have a maid to do it for you.( I know, I know that would be nice.) We all have to face the laundry baskets and hampers at some point before the monster gets out of control.

I really don’t have a secret formula. I am still trying to figure out what system works best for us and what really doesn’t work for us.  I have learned what worked two years ago might not work as well right now. Right now what works best is dividing the clothes into four sections: Boys clothes, Girls clothes, Me and Brian’s clothes, and towels . I also found that small loads are more manageable, and makes it easier for the children to help. It also makes it easier to fold and put away.  I have folded the same basket of clothes at least 3 to 4 times before because they were not put away quick enough. (That has happened to many times to count.) I have taught my children how to use the washer and dryer. I also start teaching them how to fold at a young age, that is when they are most eager to learn and help. Even Colt who is five can fold pretty well.

Just a little Henry Laundry History:  The first 4 1/2 years of marriage I lived in family housing at Mississippi State University.  We had to do laundry at the laundry mat on campus or go to my parents house.  Not fun at all not having a washer and dryer.  So, when my hubby graduated and we moved off campus and I got our first washer and dryer I was beyond thankful and excited. Baby #3 was on the way and I had two little ones 2 and under. So lots of messes and lots of laundry. As much as I really don’t like laundry, I was beyond thankful for the reasons I had so much laundry. Through the years we have added to our household. So that meant I added more and more laundry.  There have been times the laundry sat on the loveseat for a little to long.  There have been times I folded a basket of clothes so I would have a place to put the clothes coming out of the dryer.  There have been times I just wanted to go sit in my closet with a bag of Dove chocolate and a cup of coffee to avoid the laundry baskets. Other times I remember the reason I have all this laundry. I remember what a blessing it is to have a washer and dryer. I remember the little ones that need clean clothes. I remember that laundry in and of itself is a reminder of all my blessings. It is all about perspective.

So ladies, please leave some of your laundry tips in the comment section to share with everyone else. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

-Pamela Henry


Real Life


Stay at home mom, homeschooling mom, you would think my house would be spotless.  After all I do have all day to keep it clean.

Here is the thing, we live 24/7 in our home. We have 8 people living here, 6 of them are 12 and under. We homeschool, so my children are home all day. I also have a 2 year old and a messy, curious autistic son. So messes happen, they happen a lot!

I am not trying to excuse a messy house. I am just stating that homes get messy at times. Do I leave it a big mess? No, that would drive me crazy. But the fact still remains that during the course of our day things get messy. You might find a pillow pet on the kitchen floor. You might think my main living area looks like a ‘what does not belong’ game. You might find dirty handprints on the wall.

You see I am not perfect. My home gets messy. My children get in trouble. I have clean laundry in a basket waiting to get hung up. I didn’t go grocery shopping this past weekend. I did not make a memu for this week. My husband was kind and got pizza on a Monday night.

So, never look at someone else and compare yourself to them. No Ones life is perfect. No one has it all together all of the time. No one has superpowers.  No one can do it all, all of the time.

So ladies be kinder to each other. Let us be more understanding. Let us extend more grace to each other.   Let us be more supportive of each other.

From one mom to another. Extend some grace to the lady in the mirror. Don’t be so hard on her. Don’t compare her to everyone else.  Give her the same understanding that you give to others.

-Pamela Henry




I Am Not Enough

I am not one of those “It takes a village” parents.  I also do not think I can do this journey of parenthood alone.  I am so thankful for my husband, Brian.  He is such a great husband and an even better father.  But the truth still stands that even on our good days as parents we still fall short.

God did give those wonderful children to Brian and I.  He did entrust them to us.  I am so honored that He did so, and not a day goes by that I am not thankful for our children.  God entrusted me with their hearts, minds, and their lives.  That my friend is not only a huge blessing, it is also a huge responsibility.  A responsibility that I do not take lightly.

You may ask, “What do you mean by you are not enough?”  Well, I mean without God and his strength I can not be the mother I need to be for my children.  I can not tend to their hearts like I need to without God. I can not teach my children what they need to learn without God. I can not effectively tend to the everyday tasks of life with children without God.  I am not enough with out God.  Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

I do not have enough patience. I am not a very patient person. I tend to run out of patience by lunch time. I am really working on this.  I know that I have to approach my children with the same grace and patience that God extends to me each day. I need to let God’s grace flow through me and extend it to everyone around me. When I get to the little Knot in my rope, I need to let go and let God work through me.  Clinging to the rope even tighter and trying  to make it in my own strength and power just makes me even more frustrated and does nothing good for me or my children.  In my weakest moments I am my strongest because that is when I see my need for God and He strengthens me.

I do not have enough grace.  Each morning when I wake up God gives me new grace for today.  He extends his grace to me. I have all the grace I need because God has a never ending supply of grace.  So why do I not have enough grace at times?  Well, it is because I do not go to God for His grace.  I do not go to Him  and ask for grace when my children need it the most from me.  Sometimes I let my Well of Grace run dry, and I do not go to God to fill it back up.  As a mother we need to extend grace to our children.  We need to keep our Well of Grace full and let God flow His grace through us.  Our children are constantly learning.  They are children, not adults. They are going to need grace as they are learning all about life.  We need to be teaching them all about God’s grace but more importantly we need to be giving them God’s grace everyday.

I do not have enough mercy.  There is a difference between letting your children get away with everything and extending mercy to them.  This is an area that I really am still learning in.  I do not have it all figured out.  My best example is Christ.  He extends mercy to me everyday.  Yet, I still have consequences to my actions, good or bad.  I know that I should be and that I want to be more merciful to my children.  The thing is I expect my children to be more gracious and merciful towards each other. Yet at times I do not lead by example.  I know that without Christ I can not extend mercy the way I need to.

I do not have enough time.  There is always more work to do than hours in a day.  I have to prioritize.  Working moms, stay at home moms, and work at home moms all have to prioritize.  We all have more work than time.  so, we need to be kinder and more understanding to each other.  A schedule that works for your family may not work for someone else’s family.   The one thing that we all need in at the top of our schedule is time alone with God.  Ladies if we are going to be fully equipped for our day, If we are going to try to have the right priorities for the day, if we are going to make the time we have count, then we need God leading our steps and we need time alone with Him.

I do not always have the right priorities.  Yep, I said it. I do not always have the right priorities. Sometimes I focus on nonessential things that are not really that important in the grand scheme of things.  Sometimes my focus is off.  Whenever I take my eyes off of God my focus is off and my priorities are off.  When this happens my parenting is off too.  When my parenting is off, my priorities are off, my focus is off everything becomes more chaotic around the house. That is when I start to feel less gracious, less merciful, and run out of patience and I get to the end of my rope. That is when I start to feel like I am loosing my grip on everything, so I cling even tighter. Do you see the downward spiral?  Yep, this is what happens when I do not keep God first.

So, when I say I am not enough. I am not saying I am not equipped to be a mother. I am not saying I can not do this.  I am not saying I should of not had all my children.  What I am saying is I need Christ.  I need Him to work in me and through me.  I am saying in Christ I have all I need to be the mother I need to be.  Philippians 4:13  “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

-Pamela Henry



Focus Challenge


A focus challenge is when you focus on a few task.  You start out by making a list. Example: 1. Make bed  2.Clean night stands 3.Clean up floor 4.Sweep.  It is important to keep the list small, all you need is 4 to 5 task to focus on at a time.

Then you set the timer, you can set it for 5 minutes or for 10, for each task.  The focus challenge is meant to pick task you can complete within a 5 to 10 minute time frame. It is important to complete each task at hand before moving on the next task.

Some things that help me focus and not get distracted:

  1. Have all my materials in the room with me.
  2. Have two Walmart bags, one for trash and one for recycling
  3. Have a dirty clothes basket
  4. Have a empty basket for items that belong in other rooms.
  5. Have my broom, vacuum, and Swiffer with me.

I usually do this when I am feeling overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start.  This also helps me get rooms cleaned up quickly.  To get my momentum going I usually start in the smallest room of the house. Then when I see progress I keep the momentum going by moving on to the next list of task to focus on.

-Pamela Henry






5 Minute Pickup

What is a five minute pickup?  Good question…..

Well five minute pickup is just that. Pickup as much as you can in a five minute time period.

  1. Your start by setting a timer.
  2. Get 2 to 3 baskets and a trash bag, you can use as many baskets as you need
  3. Get your children involved
  4. Pick an area you need cleaned up
  5. Give each child a Walmart bag

Once you picked your area. Get your baskets set up: one for clothes, one for toys, and you can put anything else in the third basket.  Have your trash can by the baskets. We like to use our extra trash bag for recycling.  The children can use their Walmart bags as a trash or recycling bag too.  Get your children excited about helping. You can give a prize or have a special treat. I like to make it a race to see who can pick up the most stuff, me or the children. Set that timer and then get to work.

You will be amazed how quickly your children will move to pick up stuff off of the floor just so the kiddos can beat you. This method isn’t about getting your room spotless, it is about cleaning up. I like to do this throughout the day so we can keep a handle on the messes.  Because my house can get messy and dirty throughout the day. This helps me keep my sanity, because I am a bit of a neat freak.

I will post some more this week on a few of my cleaning tips.  Not that I am a expert but I do have to clean a lot…..

-Pamela Henry




Yes, They Are All Mine

imageEver since I was a little girl I always wanted a large family. So for those that truly know me best are not surprised at all that I have six children.  To me I don’t have a very large family. I don’t see myself as having “so many” children.  The truth is I had always planned on having way more than six, but I decided to be content with how many children God gives me.

I am always amused when we go out in public.  From peoples stares and reactions you would think we drove up in a bus and 30 people stepped out of it, lol.  I have gotten so many different questions and comments from people that I am kind of use to it. I always think it is funny when people start doing a head count to see how many children we have.  Sometimes we get the famous question, “Are they all yours?” I always respond with a smile, “Yes, they are all mine”. Then comes the comments about how full my hands are.

Well, I am busy. My hands are full. I always have a lot going on even if we don’t have a lot going on.  I really am just a typical mom, just like every other mom.  I don’t have extra patience. I don’t have some hidden super power. I don’t have it all figured out.  I had my hands full after I had my first child, and I just keep adding to it. No matter if you have one child or nineteen we are all on this journey of Motherhood, so be helpful and kind to each other.

-Pamela Henry




Embracing My Life

pexels-photo-185933Yes my life is not perfect, but I am learning to embrace the imperfections and just enjoy my life.  I am learning that everything doesn’t have to be picture perfect.  I am learning that everything doesn’t always have to go as planned. I am learning to just embrace the moment, to embrace my life.

Embracing my challenges.  Everyone has challenges. Each and everyone of us faces day to day challenges. Are all our challenges the same? No they are not the same, but the truth is we all have them. Challenges are good for us. Challenges help us grow. Challenges do just that they challenge us, they help us to reach higher, to go further, and to do better. I do not want my challenges, my weaknesses, my obstacles in life to stand in the way of my happiness. I don’t want my challenges to become impossible obstacles that I let stand in my way. I want to be an overcomer. I want to be a person that sees my challenges, my obstacles,  and my weaknesses and figures out a way to overcome them, to find solutions, and grow stronger.

Embracing motherhood. Now I have to say motherhood is different than I thought it was going to be.  I am still not the mother that I want to be. As my children are growing, I am growing as a mother.  I am constantly learning. Being a mother has magnified my weaknesses and my strengths. I am learning to just embrace the ins and outs of motherhood. I am learning to embrace the ups and downs of motherhood. I am learning to just enjoy my children’s unique characteristics.  I am learning to embrace each child for who they are, and celebrate it.  I am learning to embrace each part of motherhood.

Embracing the mundane.  I learned along time ago to live today. I learned to enjoy today. I learned to celebrate  today, because there might not be a tomorrow.  I do not believe in skipping over the week days to enjoy the weekends. I do not believe in skipping over the every day to get to a holiday.  I believe everyday is a special day. I believe everyday is a day to celebrate. So embrace the housework and be thankful you have a house to clean and work in. So embrace the day to day task and be thankful that you are able to do it.  Embrace the mundane, because that is where majority of our time and life is. That is where all the little things in life are.  Embrace the little things in life, because they add up to be the important things.

Embrace differences.  One thing that I love about my husband is our differences. We complement each other.  I embrace those differences. I do not let those differences become a wedge between us, I use those differences to help us grow stronger as a couple.  I found that the things that made me attracted to my husband was our differences.  Our differences are what makes us unique, make us who we are as a person.

Embrace Life. Life is always changing. Children are always growing. We are always meeting new people and making new friendships.  I am learning to embrace each moment in life, the good and the bad.  I am learning to embrace each new chapter in my life, and I am learning to embrace the closing of each chapter in my life with grace.  I am learning to embrace the unexpected, because life is full of unplanned adventures.

God sent His Son so we can have life and have it more abundantly. God wants us to have joy. God wants us to embrace everyday.  So, as we head into the weekend remember to find joy in each day. Embrace each day as a gift, because that is exactly what it is.

-Pamela Henry


Seasonal Cleaning

Four times a year I do what some call “Spring Cleaning”.  If I did one major cleaning just once a year my house would get bad, really bad.  Towards the end of each season I like to do a seasonal cleaning. I also like to do a really good cleaning before putting up Christmas decorations.

What does my seasonal cleaning consist of you may ask. Well, I will share with you what it consist of.

  1. Deep cleaning the kitchen.  Well that is wiping down the inside and outside of the cabinets.  Cleaning the stove, inside the eyes, and cleaning the oven.  Cleaning the fridge and the freezer, I actually do this once a week.  Organize all the cabinets, get rid of anything broken, go through junk drawer and throw away junk. Just going through my stuff and organizing it.
  2. Wipe down the walls. Yes, I mean wipe down the walls. Get a bucket of hot water and get the kids involved. Also wipe down the baseboards and moldings.  My house this is a necessity with all those little dirty hands constantly touching the walls.
  3. Go through closets.  See what fits and what does not fit. Yes, I do this for all 6 kiddos. It is quit the chore but has to get done. Go through shoes, see what fits. Also just clean out the junk. My kids can accumulate a lot of junk.
  4. Bathrooms: Well, wipe down the walls. Scrub everything. Organize the cabinet.  Basically make sure you clean that bathroom spotless.
  5. Children’s bedroom. This is the time to get rid of stuff. Let them help you. Clean and organize. Make sure they wipe down their walls and baseboards. This is a time you can teach them about giving to others that is less fortunate than you.  Pick out toys that they no longer play with and donate them.
  6. If you have ceiling fans, wipe them down. You can use a dryer sheet, a wet rag, or both.
  7. I like to use this time to organize my laundry room and other rooms in the house also.

On my next post I will talk about how I clean the rooms quickly and efficiently.

Please leave any of your ideas and things you do for your seasonal or spring cleaning. This is just the basics for people that might need help with starting a Seasonal cleaning.